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So good you can't even taste the difference.

So good you can't even taste the difference.

New Plant-Based Cheese Sauce from AFP advanced food products llc.

So good you can't even taste the difference.
Taste The Non-Difference

Taste The Non-Difference

Our plant-based cheese sauce holds up to traditional sauces in both viscosity and flavor, offering guests of all diets a delicious option. Aseptically crafted, our products have a long shelf-life, so get creative, and taste the non-difference.

See What Real Chefs Are Saying

Watch chefs and operators try out our plant-based cheese sauce and give their take on its taste, texture and convenience.

Inspiring Endless Combinations
Inspiring Endless Combinations

Inspiring Endless Combinations

Featuring incredible veggie-forward dishes like zucchini fries, southwestern nachos, veggie mac & cheese cups, and sriracha buffalo cauliflower bites, our plant-based cheese sauce hopes to inspire endless incredible combinations. See all plant-based recipes.

Why Should You Menu Plant-Based?


67% of consumers would eat plant-based if it tasted better1


When looking at menu penetration, plant-based/vegan cheese is up 110% over the past four years2


There is a 79% repeat purchase rate of plant-based food3

Sources: 1Food Industry Executive, 2020   |   2A Datassential report in collaboration with The Culinary Institute of America, Food for Climate League, and the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative; 2022 PLANT-FORWARD OPPORTUNITY   |   3Plant Based Food Association SPINS data 12/21

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