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There is no one better in low-acid aseptic foods. That’s because the results speak for themselves. From creating safe, sterile foods to the incredible flavors we’re able to produce, our low-acid aseptic technology is the result of decades of experience and expertise.

Aseptic Benefits

No preservatives

Long shelf life

Shelf stable

Best preserves freshness and flavor

Low-Acid Foods

Low-Acid Foods

For many dairy-based foods such as cheese and pudding, the low-acid aseptic process is the best way to manufacture superior shelf stable products without the use of preservatives.

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The Flex Line Process

The first of its kind in the U.S., our Flex Line allows us great flexibility and the ability to reduce freight costs and increase sustainable packaging. Flex Line comes in multiple pack sizes and fill weights.


Preformed cups are denested and individually slotted into the cell plate.


Particles are removed from cups using ionized air.


Cups are sterilized using hydrogen peroxide.


Sterilized product is measured into cups.


Foil lidstock is decontaminated using hydrogen peroxide.


Foil lidstock is heat-sealed to the cup.

The Benefit is in the Name

The Benefit is in the Name

Our Flex Line gives you packaging and fill versatility, plus operational and environmental benefits over traditional glass.

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