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Cheese sauce will have your menu and bottom-line dripping with potential.

With labor being an endless challenge and investment, restaurants are constantly adapting to streamline other aspects of operations. To put it plainly, shortcuts are the key to success in today’s environment. Shortcuts can be a dirty word if resulting in an inferior product; however, some shortcuts can maintain quality while simplifying back-of-house complexities.

No matter the foodservice segment, efficiency is the name of the game for back-of-house menu execution. Making the right choice in a quality product that’s easily integrated into dry storage will help to free up refrigerated spaces like your walk-in cooler. Selecting ingredients, providing diversity in offerings, saving on labor and preparation time, and cross-utilizing ingredients in multiple menu items will also give operators an advantage.

Take cheese sauce for instance. It can deliver a better value from an ingredient cost perspective and, according to Technomic, command a higher menu price when added as a topping/loaded option (+42%). It’s a product that also works harder across your menu compared to shredded or sliced cheese and be that easy shortcut your BOH operation needs. There are endless possibilities and combinations. Try a Flamin’ Hot Cheeseburger, featuring Muy Fresco® Jalapeño Cheese Sauce. Topped with bacon, sliced jalapeños and a sesame seed bun, this recipe can serve as an excellent guideline for your own cheeseburger, finishing it off with one of our delicious cheese sauces. You can also find success and win over your customers with plant-based options like our Sriracha Buffalo Cauliflower Bites recipe, featuring Muy Fresco® Plant-Based Cheddar Cheese Sauce.

AFP advanced food products llc is a leading manufacturer of low-acid aseptically crafted foods, yielding safe, premium-quality items with a convenient long shelf life and shelf-stable packaging. These high-quality foods help streamline inventory management to save money while offering guests fresh-tasting, delicious food. Low-acid aseptic technology is a process where an ingredient is continuously heated, destroying any potential bacteria, then is cooled and filled into a pre-sterilized container. This process preserves food taste, texture and quality. Most importantly, it yields a consistent shelf-stable product kept on hand in dry storage without taking up that precious refrigerated space.

AFP offers cheese sauce products that provide aseptically oriented solutions for macaroni and cheese, nachos, loaded burgers, tacos, hot dogs, loaded French fries, breakfast burritos, cheesesteaks, or anything the culinary team can dream of! AFP’s offerings allow operators to create numerous menu items, across multiple dayparts, with one ingredient SKU.

It’s easy for any skill level to use. Reheat and drizzle over dishes for something that will leave guests satisfied and coming back for more! There’s nothing that beats having a delicious option for guests right out of the package, with little to no cooking time and a whole lot of flavor.

Need help finding the right solution?

Need help finding the right solution?