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Strawberry Shortcake Parfait

Using Real Fresh® Vanilla Pudding


  • 2

    Prepared Yellow Pound Cakes

  • 1 #10 Can

    Real Fresh® Vanilla Pudding

  • 36 oz

    Strawberry Topping

  • Mint Leaves, for garnish

  • Fresh Berries, for garnish


  1. Cut pound cake into 1" cubes

  2. In a trifle dish place enough pound cake cubes to cover bottom of dish about 1 inch thick

  3. Pour strawberry topping to cover cake cubes

  4. Spoon enough Real Fresh® Vanilla Pudding over strawberry topping to create 1 inch layer

  5. Repeat to fill dish

  6. Top with whipped topping, let refrigerate for 2 hours to overnight

  7. Garnish with mint and fresh berries

Need help finding the right solution?

Need help finding the right solution?