AFP advanced food products llc is one of the most trusted names in the business, delivering products made to your precise specifications. Our success is built on our commitment to our customers. As the world’s foremost co-pack manufacturer of aseptically packed cheese sauces, spreads, dips, puddings, nutritional products and sauces, we provide delicious products to global markets.

AFP specializes in large economies of scale production quantities and partners with many of North America’s premier food companies. In fact, over the last several years AFP has received outstanding co-packer of the year awards from several of our customers for delivering above average savings and overall value.

AFP’s state-of-the-art mixing, blending and filling systems assure product consistency and minimize waste. Our in-house R&D and Quality teams can provide product performance results and analysis on every batch of your product. In addition to a broad range of packaging options, we maintain a dedicated R&D staff to formulate products to your specifications or work with you to create proprietary recipes. Thanks to our deep knowledge and strong industry experience, we are confidently able to meet all your co-pack needs.

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