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Social Responsibility

AFP advanced food products llc continually evaluates and improves our food production processes to ensure that we are creating a better environment through total quality management and productive maintenance.

Our approach as a company is to benefit others economically, socially, and environmentally. Our system works for overall effectiveness—striving to enhance safe production volume while supporting the environment in and around its plants.

To this end, AFP is committed to the following sustainability initiatives:

  • Reduce Fuel and Energy Consumption and Conserve Water—Recognized repeatedly as a “Green Champion” by Lancaster County, our New Holland, PA plant burns recovered methane gas from a landfill and recovers cooling water post-production. The Visalia, CA facility has installed LED lighting for utility conservation and has replaced property grass and a sprinkler system with artificial turf, retaining only minimal drought-tolerant landscaping.
  • Reduce Waste—AFP’s Clear Lake, Wisconsin, plant practices a zero-landfill policy, incinerating all combustibles and sending any product waste to a nearby methane digesting plant. In Visalia, CA, product waste is repurposed into animal feed. The New Holland, PA plant turns non-recycled waste from trash to steam in a renewable energy process.
  • Minimize Packaging—AFP is constantly engaged in packaging optimization, utilizing BPA non-intent plastics and reducing the usage of raw materials without compromising product protection.
  • Maximize Recycling Content—AFP manufactures cans that are 100% recyclable, using tin and aluminum for both of its top packaging mediums which are themselves produced from recycled materials. Paper, corrugate, wood waste, and plastic from operation is compacted and recycled instead of landfilled, and raw material drums and scrap metal are collected for recycling instead of disposal.

Corporate Sustainability