Positions available at each of our plant locations.

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Manufacturing Plants

AFP advanced food products llc is proud to produce excellence at three locations, strategically placed in the Eastern, Midwest, and Southwest regions of the U.S. Multiple plants give us continuity—we maintain multiple suppliers for critical purchased raw materials and coordinate plant purchasing, ensuring uninterrupted flow of our products.

Our New Holland headquarters—located not far from Lancaster, Pennsylvania—produces AFP’s pudding, cheese sauce, and many of our ingredient products.

Our Wisconsin base is in the town of Clear Lake, just an hour east of Minnesota’s twin cities, and is responsible for producing cheese sauce and pudding, as well as AFP dips.

Our third location, in Visalia, California, is located near the exact center of the state, serving as the Andersen’s soup production plant, and also manufacturing AFP cheese sauce and pudding.

Together, the plants employ over 400 team members and produce more than 170,000 metric tons of carefully created, expertly packaged food.