STAY HEALTHY WITH TAKEOUT/DELIVERY-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: prepackaged & sealed · single serve · no refrigeration needed


Yield: 4 individual servings

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Refried Beans, warm one 15-oz can
Muy Fresco Guacamole-Style Dip one 9-oz can
Taco meat, fully-cooked, small crumbles 1 cup
Muy Fresco Medium Salsa one 3.8-oz container
AFP Nacho Cheese Sauce, warm ½ cup
Corn chips, various shapes – rounds, triangles, strips as needed


  1. Spread refried beans into a shallow serving bowl. Spread Muy Fresco Guacamole-Style Dip on top of the beans, leaving the outer rim of beans exposed. Spread ¼ cup of the cooked taco meat on top of the guacamole, leaving the outer rim of the guacamole exposed.
  2. Pour Muy Fresco Salsa into the center of the taco meat and ladle cheese over the top.
  3. Insert the chips vertically into the dip in a petal-like pattern.