Maintenance Helper

AFP Visalia Plant

The Maintenance Helper will be responsible for Repairing/Maintaining all aspects of the facility. This includes the Interior/Exterior areas of the plant to ensure the facility is Audit Ready always. The Maintenance Helper works under direct supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor on duty and/or the Maintenance Manager.

Duties and responsibilities but not limited to:
• Clean driveways, parking lots, weed abatement and other various duties in the upkeep of the facility grounds.
• Installs or repairs dry wall in facilities and buildings and prepares surfaces for finishing and painting. Hangs doors and installs hardware such as door knobs, dead bolts, hinges, etc.
• Paint interior and exterior of structures, facilities or buildings using spray equipment or painting by hand; mixes paints, varnishes or stains to match existing color scheme.
• Replaces broken ceramic tile and re-grout tile area as needed.
• Inspects equipment, appliances, structures, and buildings to determine if repairs are warranted and may be assigned to estimate cost of repairs.
• May construct or modify small structures such as sheds, hot houses, or make repairs to buildings, roofs, and floors. Determines and orders materials to be used for those repairs or modifications.
• May construct or repair counter tops, and cabinets using appropriate carpentry tools.
• Maintains a log of repairs made, materials used, and the date repairs were made so that an audit trail can be followed should the equipment become inoperative.
• May lay carpet, floor tile, wood and parquet or may patch or mend them in order to keep floors in good repair.
• Must be able and willing to work varying days and varying shifts.
• Installs and repairs plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and urinals by detaching the existing plumbing and removing the old fixture. Seats new fixture and reconnects plumbing, modifying it (if necessary) to fit the new fixtures. Repairs faucets by replacing washers and seats as needed.
• Clears clogged drains in sinks, toilets, and urinals.
• Works on top of, and hanging from the sides of, silos and tanks in order to clean them.
• May be required to work weekends on straight time
• Other duties as assigned

Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

 Must be able and willing to work varying days and varying shifts.
 Must have plumbing and septic experience.
 Must have floor tile experience
 Must have Painting experience
 Must be able to work in high temperatures, on the roof, for extended periods of time.
 Must be able to lift and carry up to 75 pounds.
 Must be able and willing to work in high places and confined spaces.
 Must be able to abide by The AFP Mission Statement dealing with customers, quality, innovation, integrity and ethics values.
 Must be able to value people, teamwork, safety, excellence, and have pride and dignity for work performed.
 Must be able to alert maintenance, foreman or supervisor to potential problems
 Must possess a mechanical aptitude and be able to make minor machine adjustments.
 Must abide by company rules
 Must be able to communicate clearly both orally and written form.