The First Equipment of its Kind. The Last Word in Aseptic Packaging.

We’re proud to introduce a whole new line—the Flex Line—which gives you the power to switch to more cost-saving, eco-friendly plastic packaging. By transitioning from glass to plastic, our customers can save on shipping and storage while still getting the same great benefits of superior taste with no preservatives.

Consumers are top of mind in this latest AFP advanced food products llc development—plastic containers microwave more easily than glass, and the wide-opening package design allows for easier dipping to the very bottom of the cup.

All production takes place inside our New Holland, PA plant, and is the first of its kind in the U.S. Preformed plastic cups—filled and sealed via AFP’s traditional aseptic technology—provide superior clean-label, shelf-stable flavor for low-acid foods for approximately 12 months. Flexibility in cup sizing allows for different fill weight options. Several case count options are available.

Aseptic Benefits

  • Aseptic packaging—shelf-stable
  • Superior flavor quality
  • Reduced freight and packaging costs
  • Safety—no shattered glass in production, shipping, or retail
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Production efficiency—faster line speeds, up to 600 cups per minute

Product Applications

  • Flexible filling from 5,000 to 25,000 cP viscosity
  • Multiple applications for low-acid foods such as cheese sauces, dips, pudding, soups and more
  • Perfect for grocery store retailers, c-store single-serve grab-and-go, and take-home meal kits
  • Capable of filling particulates up to ¼” or 6 mm
  • Trans fat free, Kosher, GM-free, Halal formulations available

Packaging Options

  • Single-Serve Application
    • 84mm wide x 48 mm high
    • 5 oz/141 g
  • Shareable, Multi-Serve Application
    • 103 mm wide x 110mm high
    • 8-15 oz/227-425g