We live in a global society and globalization is embedded in our culture. As one of the world’s foremost private label/co-pack manufacturers of aseptically packed cheese sauces, dips, puddings, sauces, and soups, AFP partners with international companies to offer delicious products to global markets.

AFP has responded to the increased global demand for shelf-stable products. Shipping to more than 20 countries worldwide, we have the logistical infrastructure and knowledge base to meet all of your international needs.

Let our team of experts work with you to successfully deliver product worldwide. We will put together a program that addresses logistics, customs, warehousing and distribution as well as offer support in the following areas:

  • Custom product formulation
  • Marketing
  • Packaging design
  • Labeling requirement
  • Translation services
  • Customer service
  • Customization and adaptation to market needs, such as Halal, non-GM and Kosher products
  • BRC Global Standards

With demand for US produced products on the rise, AFP has the services, experiences and selection of aseptically packaged product ready to meet your need for a global partner.

Looking to source or import AFP products?

Our Sales Representatives are ready to assist you throughout the entire process.